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Each month, we give you a snapshot of machine tools industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market.


Machine Tools Sales Trend

New vs Used 2018-2023

The EDA IndustryInsight trend charts provide monthly statistical data on UCC financing activity in the U.S. for sale and lease transactions of equipment.

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Top 20 Equipment Lenders

Displays the top 20 lenders nationwide based on financing activity results added by EDA. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Displays the top five buyers nationwide based on financing activity results added by EDA. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Machine Tools Industry

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Randall Reilly’s EDA has the data you need on machine tools like machining and turning centers, grinders, lasers and 3D printers. See UCC filing information, additional contacts, and D&B® firmographic data associated with each piece of equipment.

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5000 Machine Tool (NEC)
5010 Vertical Machining Center
5014 Vertical Machining Center (3-4 Axis)
5015 Vertical Machining Center (5+ Axis)
5020 Horizontal Machining Center
5024 Horizontal Machining Center (3-4 Axis)
5025 Horizontal Machining Center (5+ Axis)
5030 Universal Machining Center
5034 Universal Machining Center (3-4 Axis)
5035 Universal Machining Center (5+ Axis)

5100 Lathe
5120 CNC Lathe
5122 CNC Lathe (2 Axis)
5123 CNC Lathe (3 Axis)
5124 CNC Lathe (4 Axis)
5125 CNC Lathe (5 Axis)
5126 CNC Lathe (6 Axis)
5127 CNC Lathe (7 Axis)
5128 CNC Lathe (8 Axis)
5129 CNC Lathe (9 Axis)
5131 Vertical CNC Lathe (NEC)
5132 Vertical Lathe (2 Axis)
5133 Vertical Lathe (3 Axis)
5134 Vertical Lathe (4 Axis)
5135 Vertical Lathe (5 Axis)
5136 Vertical Lathe (6 Axis)
5160 Engine Lathe
5161 Auto Brake Lathe
5170 Screw Machine
5171 CNC Swiss Lathe
5180 Bar Feeder

5210 Vertical Milling Machine
5220 Horizontal Machining Center

5300 EDM Machine (NEC)
5310 EDM Machine Wire
5320 EDM Machine Sink

5400 Grinder (NEC)
5410 Surface Grinder
5430 Jig Grinder
5440 CNC Grinder
5450 Gear Machinery

5500 Press (NEC)
5510 Laser Punch Press
5520 Punch Press
5530 Stamping Press
5540 CNC Folder
5545 Tube/Pipe Bender
5560 Progressive Roll Former
5570 Press Brake
5580 Profile Roller
5590 Plate Roller

5610 Injection Molding Machine
5620 Extrusion Machine
5660 Die Cast Machine (Cold Chamber)
5670 Die Cast Machine (Hot Chamber)

5700 Iron Worker

5800 Shear
5850 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
5860 Parts Washer
5870 Parts Straightener
5890 Coil Feeding Equipment

5900 Boring Mill

6000 Manufacturing Laser
6010 Plasma Cutter (CNC)
6011 Plasma Cutter (Manual)
6020 Waterjet Cutting System
6030 Waterjet Blasting System
6040 Welder (Manual)
6050 Welder (Automated)
6060 Welder (Laser)

6100 Saw (NEC)
6120 Beam Processing Saw

6210 Articulated Robot
6220 Gantry Robot

6410 3D Printer Plastic
6420 3D Printer Metal
6490 3D Printer Other

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