Woodworking Industry

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Data for all the woodworking equipment types you need on one platform.

Randall Reilly’s EDA has the data you need on woodworking equipment like saws and tools. See UCC filing information, additional contacts and D&B® firmographic data associated with each piece of equipment.

6100 Saws (NEC)
6110 Panel Saw
6111 Rip Saw
6112 Trim Saw
6113 Table Saw

6601 Wood Machining Center
6602 Wood Boring Machine
6603 Wood Lathe
6604 Moulder
6606 Sander/Planer
6607 Edge Bander
6608 Wood Press
6609 Dust Collector
6610 Planer
6611 Jointer
6612 Router
6613 Shaper

See a snapshot of the woodworking industry's past buying activity.