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Lift Truck Industry

1,600,000+ Units | 395,000+ Prospects

EDA Dashboard on laptop

> ACCESS to objective market share reports and data

> IDENTIFY proven buyers of lift trucks as they enter your market

> MONITOR competitor activity and target their customers

> GENERATE LEADS your sales staff will actually pursue

> IDENTIFY AND EXPLOIT emerging market opportunities, before your competition

Data for all the lift truck types you need on one platform.

Randall-Reilly’s EDA has the data you need on lift truck types like internal combustion, electric, teach trucks, order pickers and tow tractors. See UCC filing information, additional contacts, and D&B® firmographic data associated on each lift truck.

→ Explore all the lift truck types EDA has to offer by clicking through the equipment categories.

7101 C1 Standup Rider Electric
7102 C1 Sitdown Rider Electric
7103 C1 Sitdown Cushion Tire Electric
7104 C1 Sitdown Pneumatic Tire Electric
7105 C1 Sitdown 3-Wheel Electric
7700 Electric Lift Truck – No Model Given

7203 C2 Single Reach Narrow Aisle Electric
7204 C2 DoubleReach Narrow Aisle Electric
7205 C2 SwingReach Narrow Aisle Electric
7206 C2 Counter Balance Narrow Aisle
7207 C2 Straddle Narrow Aisle Electric
7208 C2 Narrow Aisle Turret Truck
7209 C2 Pallet Type Sideloader
7211 C2 LowLift Pallet Truck

7301 C3 LowLift Pallet Hand Truck
7303 C3 Lowlift Pallet Walk/Ride Truck
7304 C3 LowLift Platform Walk/Ride Truck
7305 C3 Hilift Reach Walk/Ride Truck
7306 C3 HiLift Straddle Walk/Ride Truck
7307 C3 HiLift Counter Balance Walk/Ride

7400 C4 Internal Combustion Cushion Tire
7500 C5 Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire
7800 Internal Combustion Lift Truck – No Model Given

7600 Tow Tractor

1510 Forklift (Straight Mast)
1511 Forklift (Truck Mounted)
1520 Forklift (Shooting Boom)

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industry’s past buying activity.

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