Each month, we give you a snapshot of construction industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market.


Construction Sales Trend

New vs Used 2018-2023

The EDA IndustryInsight trend charts provide monthly statistical data on UCC financing activity in the U.S. for sale and lease transactions of equipment.

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Top 20 Equipment Lenders

Displays the top 20 lenders nationwide based on financing activity results added by EDA. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Displays the top five buyers nationwide based on financing activity results added by EDA. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Construction Industry

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Data for all the construction equipment types you need on one platform.

Randall Reilly’s EDA has the data you need on construction equipment like skid steers, loader backhoes, excavators, and crawler dozers. See UCC filing information, additional contacts, and D&B® firmographic data associated with each piece of equipment.

0110 Crawler Dozer
0111 Crawler Cable Layer
0112 Low Ground Pressure Dozer
0120 Crawler Loader
0130 Crawler Pipelayer
0140 Crawler Tractor

0310 Hydraulic Excavator
0311 Front Shovel Excavator
0320 Mini Excavator
0330 Rubber Tired Excavator
0345 Tracked Feller Buncher

0601 Wheel Tractor
0610 Wheel Loader
0620 Toolcarrier
0630 Wheel Dozer

0810 Paver
0811 Pot Hole Patcher
0812 Belt Placer
0813 Asphalt Melter
0814 Asphalt Recycler
0815 Rubber Tired Paver
0816 Curing Machine
0817 Tracked Paver
0818 Road Widener
0820 Concrete Paver
0821 Concrete Planer
0830 Planer/Milling Machine
0831 Planer Attachment
0832 Windrow Elevator
0833 Reclaimer/Stabilizer
0840 Distributor
0850 Chip Spreader
0860 Asphalt Plant
0870 Trimmer
0800 Broom

1100 Compactor
1110 Compactor Attachment
1120 Double Drum Vibratory Compactor
1130 Single Drum Vibratory Compactor
1140 Static Compactor
1150 Embankment Compactor
1160 Landll Compactor
1190 Walk Behind Compactor

1600 Trencher
1601 Asphalt Cutter
1602 Cable Layer
1603 Cable Plow
1604 Concrete Cutter
1605 Rock Cutter
1630 Wheel Trencher
1640 Trencher Attachment
1650 Piercing Tool
1651 Rod Boring Tool
1652 Piercing Mole
1653 Directional Boring Tool
1654 Pipe Pusher
1655 Tunneling Machine
1660 Vacuum Excavator

2210 Breaker/Hammer
2220 Compaction Wheel
2230 Demolition Grapple
2240 Scrap Grapple
2250 Construction Laser
2260 Plate Compactor
2270 Scrap Shear
2280 Global Positioning System

See a snapshot of the construction industry's past buying activity.