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Agriculture Industry

11,200,000+ Units | 3,400,000+ Prospects

EDA Dashboard on laptop

> IDENTIFY proven buyers of agriculture equipment as they enter your market

> ACCESS to objective market share reports and data

> MONITOR competitor activity and target their customers

> GENERATE LEADS your sales staff will actually pursue

> IDENTIFY AND EXPLOIT emerging market opportunities, before your competition

Data for all the agriculture equipment types you need on one platform.

Randall-Reilly’s EDA has the data you need on agriculture equipment like tractors, combines, balers, planters, and tillage. See UCC filing information, additional contacts and D&B® firmographic data associated with each piece of equipment.

→ Explore all the agriculture equipment types EDA has to offer by clicking through the equipment categories.

8210 Utility Tractor
8220 Utility Loader
8224 Utility Bucket/Loader Attachment
8230 Utility Tractor Loader Backhoe8400 4-Wheel Drive Agriculture Tractor

8600 Combine

8751 Square Baler
8752 Round Baler

8500 Crop Harvester
8510 Forage Harvester
8520 Cotton Harvester
8530 Tobacco Harvester
8540 Fruit Harvester
8550 Beet Harvester

8100 Irrigation Equipment

8800 Corn Head
8801 Platform Head
8802 Grain Cart
8803 Grain Wagon
8804 Grain Auger
8805 Grain Dryer
8806 Grain Vac
8850 Windrower
8910 Planter
8911 Air Seeder
8912 Hydro-Seeder
8913 Air Carts
8915 Grain Drill
8916 Grain Bin
8920 Sprayer
8923 Floater Chassis
8930 Cultivator
8931 Rotary Hoe
8932 Bark Blower
8940 Mulcher
8941 Hydro-Mulcher
8942 Compost Turner
8943 TMR Mixer
8944 Manure Spreader
8950 Plow/Disk
8960 Rotary Cutter
8962 Disc Mower
8963 Zero Turn Mower
8970 Mower Conditioner
8980 Utility Vehicle

2280 Global Positioning Systems

See a snapshot of the agriculture
industry’s past buying activity.

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