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Top 6 Ways Data Drives Growth

1Market Share Evaluation

What’s possible?

It’s impossible to plan for success if you aren’t aware of what’s out there. EDA Insights can
put your goals in perspective.

We are talking, of course, about market share.

Do you know everyone that is buying your brand? What about those who buy your competitor’s brand? You can establish an indepth market share analysis, giving your sales and marketing tangible goals.


Who are you missing?

Odds are you don’t know everyone in the marketplace. You could be missing out on the customer that makes this year a sales record.

EDA is the perfect tool for identifying new prospects.

Don’t let not knowing be the reason you miss out on a big opportunity. The applicable search criteria makes it simple to find potential new customers.

3Maintenance Intervals

When do prospects need parts and service?

Your highest profit margin comes from parts and service. Imagine if you were talking with your customers exactly when they needed parts replaced. If you know the standard maintenance intervals for wear parts, then you can use EDA data to make this happen.

4Finance Terms

When are prospects looking to buy?

New equipment isn’t an impulse buy. Which means purchase patterns are predictable. If you knew the typical finance terms of equipment, you could target prospects at exactly the right time. When you subscribe to EDA, you’ll know when equipment was financed. And when prospects might want to buy again.

5Measure Success

Has your campaign been successful?

You’ve already used EDA data to understand where your brand stands in the marketplace. Once your campaigns and initiatives are over, you can also use it to measure your success. You can determine exactly how much your marketing and sales have directly impacted market share growth in your AOR.

6Market Trends

Where is the industry going?

Determining where the industry is heading is key to your continued success. You have to understand when your customers are going to expand or cut costs. This will ensure that you know where to wisely invest your resources and guide your marketing and sales strategy.

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