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Are you getting the needed ROI on your rental equipment?

If you aren’t reaching prospects with expiring equipment leases, you’re not optimizing your ROI.

EDA gives you a granular, inside view of what’s happening in the construction equipment market, anywhere in the US. View any prospect’s equipment financing to get insights on brand preference, purchasing patterns, and more.

Key Features

  • Prospect database
  • Client/ Prospect Watch
  • D&B data enhancements
  • Market-share and
    prospect profile reports
  • Prospecting mobile app
  • List matching
  • Automated report sharing
  • Integrated online analytics

Like a marketing analyst that never sleeps, EDA Watches track the equipment most important to you and notifies you automatically when new data becomes available. It pays to know when prospects are gearing up for a major project, switched brands, or have equipment financing that may be expiring.

Utilize this powerful feature and target your custom audience through media platforms to achieve your sales goals.

You can monitor:

Current customers

Finance additional used equipment of your manufacturer brand(s)

Finance any competitive manufacturer brand (switch brands)

Finance a minimum number of units (equipment type, manufacturer, etc.)

Have equipment of your manufacturer brand(s) nearing replacement age


Buyers of your manufacturerbrand(s)

Buyers of your competitive manufacturer brands(s)


As it reaches a specific age

By category (type, mfr, model)

Download Are you getting the needed ROI on your rental equipment? below.

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